Marketing Analytics: Brand Equity & Performance Measurement

Dimensionalized, actionable information that informs our strategic planning process.

Brand Equity - Performance Metrics

BigVoice has developed a set of optimized marketing analytics that transform flat data into actionable information to more accurately assess overall marketing performance. Our performance metrics assess:
  • Digital Brand Equity Development
  • Social Media Impact
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Mobile Accessibility and Reach

Brand Performance Share of Voice (SOV) Analysis

Understand how your brand ranks and how effective your online marketing performance is relative to industry competitors:
  • Measure improvement versus baseline
  • Measure competitors performance
  • Identify issues
  • Refine strategic direction

Campaign Metrics

BigVoice campaign tracking metrics allow marketers to combine multi-channel web, media and marketing analytics into simple meaningful metrics that promote better decision making.

Digital Trend Tracking

A weekly assessment of the latest digital tools & technologies and the implications and opportunities for your brand

Brand Monitoring

Cost effective and efficient summaries of brand and competitive mentions to identify:
  • Key Influencers
  • Build Relationships
  • Refine Messages
  • Maintain Competitive Advantage
  • Manage Issues before they become problems

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