Social Recruitment Program Builds Employer Brand Equity

BigVoice Unlimited announces brand building social recruitment program for Acumen Solutions

New York, NY, April 26, 2012 - BigVoice Unlimited, a Strategic Digital Marketing Agency has developed a Social Recruitment Program designed to build employer brand equity for Acumen Solutions, a technology and business consulting services firm. Working with Acumen Solutions Recruitment, BigVoice was engaged to boost the power of their employer brand online.

“Your brand is not who you say you are, but who your customers say you are. This is even truer in recruiting, when your customers -- your candidates -- can develop strong opinions very quickly,” said Mark Burk, Creative Director at BigVoice.

Goals for the Social Recruitment Program are to fill the recruitment funnel with qualified job candidates and to develop a relationship with potential candidates not currently active – all of which will also build employer brand equity. Three key aspects of the program are:

Employer brand equity begins by first developing the foundational elements, starting with a company’s Careers section on their website, and focused content distribution designed connect with their candidate target audience.

“We were very, very impressed by the Social Recruitment Program BigVoice developed for us,” said Adam Solomon, Recruiting Manager at Acumen Solutions. “We’ve needed a social media plan, and what we have now is an incredibly detailed, step-by-step guide. It will help us build our employer brand by developing our community of candidates, especially among those who are not actively seeking, as well as engage internal stakeholders in the recruitment process.”

Acumen’s Social Recruitment initiative is tied to their larger corporate marketing efforts. “Building their Employer brand equity plays a strong role in supporting these efforts,” said Mark Burk.

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BigVoice Unlimited is a Strategic Digital Marketing Agency. BigVoice creates powerful brand building strategies and uses proprietary leading edge analytics to measure effectiveness and accelerate business growth.
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