BigVoice Strategic Planning Process

Our Strategic Planning process is a proven and powerful way to incubate, develop and apply great ideas, and produces fresh thinking designed to move the needle.

In today’s complex digital world, it can be a daunting challenge to figure out how best to harness the technologies, marketing practices and huge amount of Internet data available to help you reach your marketing objectives.

While every marketing company has a strategic development process, our practice has been developed, tested and refined over the fifteen years since the Internet became a legitimate business-building channel.

As digital marketers back then, we started by applying traditional strategy development techniques to our client work, and ended up with an uncommon approach to digital marketing strategy.

At BigVoice, digital marketing solutions are about sharp ideas and borne out of a blend of discovery, experience and invention. This unique blend consistently produces powerful digital marketing strategies that help our clients build bigger voices.

BigVoice’s Strategic Planning Process: We take data and insight and turn it into an executable digital marketing strategy.


Leveraging our comprehensive quantitative and qualitative tools for research and data gathering, we create an accurate picture of the vertical digital landscapes our clients compete in. Using our unparalleled research techniques, we quickly identify the digital strategies, tactics and messaging of your competition.


Once we understand the landscape and key digital strategies of your competitors, we use our X-Ray Analytics, and Quality of Voice Assessment, to analyze, assess and prioritize the biggest opportunities to reach, engage and convert your target customer.


We articulate clear, measurable objectives, and identify the most effective digital marketing strategy. We synthesize what we’ve learned to develop programs and campaigns that achieve your marketing objectives.


The defining step is translating the digital marketing strategy into a tactical plan of execution. Our experience in planning and resourcing ensures that the plan is clearly outlined and turns constraints into creative opportunities.

Open Discourse = How We Incubate Ideas

Baked into our planning process is our way of Open Discourse: a practice of discourse and debate which is an integral part of BigVoice’s culture. There are three components to this Open Discourse:


Creative sparring; divergent thinking and passionate advocacy of ideas enable us to challenge convention, each other, and ourselves.

Integrated Inquiry

Our parallel quantitative and qualitative investigation allows us to hold multiple points of view to ensure we deliver a variety of options for consideration.

Learning Agility

We learn and adapt quickly, whether we’re learning a new business model, implementing a new technology, or embracing a new creative practice—or point of view.

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