Strategic Planning built on the latest Insight and
Performance Measurement Tools

Marketing Strategy

Through our strategic planning process we help you determine the ideal marketing mix for your brand or product.

  • Digital - We develop digital strategies to reach consumers in a timely, personal and cost-effective way that will:
    • Increase digital brand equity
    • Optimize in-market campaigns
    • Lower the overall cost of advertising & media
  • Social Media – We develop strategies that complement, enhance and expand your current marketing activities. Identify opportunities to add innovative social components to your marketing initiatives and increase cross-channel effectiveness.
    • Social Analytics
    • Community Development
    • Social Promotion
    • Social Recruiting
  • Mobile – We help align, optimize and integrate mobile strategies into your marketing mix to maximize accessibility and reach. Take advantage of new technologies and tools to reach customers in the optimal context for persuasion.
    • Mobile Analytics
    • Mobile Messaging
    • Mobile Promotion
    • Mobile Web

Responsive Content

Consumers have become much more savvy and sensitive to manipulative advertising content - or SPAM. Today, digital content has to have a clear value to the consumer.

There are 7 critical questions that must be addressed prior to developing "responsive content":

  • 1. Who do we want to reach and what do they care about?
  • 2. What’s the strategic objective for the content being created?
  • 3. How will that objective be measured?
  • 4. Does the content do at least one of these really well?
    • Entertain
    • Offer something of value
    • Deliver valuable information
    • Make them feel special
  • 5. Where are the best places to reach our audience?
  • 6. What’s the specific action we want people to take and how will we ask them to take it?
  • 7. How will the content be best optimized for sharing?
This is our specialty. We create content that your consumers will react and respond to. It’s a new world and consumer expectations have changed.

Communication Integration

Create a powerful marketing communication mix using technology and digital tools to integrate your digital, social and traditional communications.

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