BigVoice X-Ray Analyticssm give a clear, complete picture of your competitive digital landscape.

Our analytics provide direct answers to your most critical marketing questions:

  • “Is my digital marketing campaign achieving my marketing objectives?”
  • What changes can I make to increase my ROI?
  • “What is the size of my brand’s footprint online compared to my competition?”
  • “What channels are the most effective for my brand to communicate in?”
  • “What level of active engagement does my audience have with my brand online?”

Why BigVoice X-Ray Analyticssm ?

Results vs. Activity

Traditional digital metrics focus on activity, not outcomes. Each of our performance metrics targets a specific marketing result.

Understandable and Actionable

X-Ray Analytics provide a greater ability to evaluate both your competitive landscape and your campaign efforts, enabling you to make quick, smart marketing decisions.

The Big Picture

No single metric tells the whole story. X-Ray Analytics are built by selecting, weighting and aggregating the data that’s critical to seeing the complete picture.

Responding to Change

Digital and social media are quickly changing, requiring metrics to evolve at a pace that reflects new understandings of online behaviors. Our metrics are designed to adapt to this rapid change.

Relevant to Your Objectives

Your specific marketing objectives may require a custom set of metrics – we can build them.

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